Hypnosis &   Cognitive Coaching

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I offer a combination of cognitive behavioral coaching and integrative hypnosis to address a vast array of challenges and goals, including:

  • Peak Performance in Academics, Sports, Business and Relationships
  • Pre & Post-Surgical Preparation and Support, Hypnosis for Optimal Healing
  • Anxiety, Stress Management and Insomnia Resolution
  • Conquering Fears, Phobias and Public Speaking
  • Life Transitions, Trauma and Grief Resolution
  • Gestalt Hypnotic-Dreamwork® and Regression
  • Authentic-Self & Life Purpose Alignment
  • Subconscious Journeying & Discovery
  • Mindset Mastery

Mindfulness & Meditation Training

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Mindfulness & meditation training, self-hypnosis training, and breath training put you back in control of your own state of being. I work primarily with individuals, and occasionally offer group workshops. Please email me if you're interested in attending or organizing a group workshop.

  • Mindfulness & Meditation Training, Self-hypnosis Training
  • The Field Method – Consciousness Training
  • Mind-Body Awareness, Education, and Training for Accelerated Healing
  • Mindful eating training for health and weight reduction
  • Breath Training
  • Mind Massage®

Addiction Emancipation

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I offer an array of techniques, based on applied practical neurology, bio-feedback and hypnosis-enhanced coaching, to assist in breaking patterns of addiction and encouraging neuroplasticity . If medical detox is warranted, work must be done in conjunction with the appropriate medical professional. Substance addiction services are offered on a contingency basis.


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